易购怎么开户Working in stainless steel, fused glass, granite and high-end polymers, Risser enjoys creating abstract and whimsical forms. He works in a studio in Waxhaw NC just south of Charlotte. He has become one of City Art’s most popular artist.

As the president of a Charlotte based specialized packaging company, US Bottlers Machinery Company, his venture into the artistic world of sculpture was originally a method of escape and relaxation from the pressure filled business grind. Today it has evolved into a larger part of his life and led into rewarding diversification and discovery.

Artist's Statement

“I handle projects as small as a switch plate to as large as corporate commissions... My passion for my work is growing and I am evolving into more abstract sculpture on a larger scale. Combining glass and metal is also becoming a very exciting style for me these past few months.” Often the trained engineer works through logistical and design problems to create work made of the by-products (and goofs) of his industrial business practice.



TR Black Table with Clear Glass (34x24)
TR Blue Bottle (4x11)
TR Butterfly lg (16x16)
TR Circular Saw Table-Gear (22x35)
TR Dragonfly 2 (9x9)
TR Garden Abstract (36x17)
TR Garden Abstract Circle (37x19)
TR Garden Cat (41x17)
TR Garden Dragonfly 3 (26x12)
TR Garden Heart Man
TR Garden Kokapelli sm (24x10)
TR Garden Rooster (22x14)
TR Garden Sun Heart (29x8)
TR Garden Sun Heart 2
TR Garden Sun Tree
TR Orange Plate (7x8)
TR Pedestal (13x48)
TR Purple Table (28x33x12.5)
TR Side Table (34x19x22)
TR Snake Table (50x24)
TR Tri-Directional Abstract (10x11)
TR Yellow Tray (9x16)
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