Artist’s Statement

I began painting at the age of 13 when my parents gave me a set of oil paints for Christmas. My first commissioned work was completed when I was 16 – a landscape for a family friend. I studied art at Winthrop University, graduating in 1985. It was during my time at Winthrop that I transitioned from painting on canvas to painting solely on paper. Over the years since, this shift to creating on paper has evolved into a love affair of creating with paper. My works include paper & gemstone jewelry, paper sculpture and paintings on paper.

It is not my nature to quantify my inspiration but, if I’m pressed to provide a description, I’d have to say that my work draws heavily from things old, neglected and forgotten. I gravitate toward abandoned spaces, drawn to the whisper of memories that linger within their boundaries. My jewelry has a very organic, primitive aesthetic; my paintings are abstractions of the rusty micro environments you find in junkyards, and my sculptures resonate with the echoes of ancestor worship. Perhaps my work reflects those whispers, or a need to discover some lost answer to the larger questions of life? You decide.



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