Robinson McFadden Law Firm

City Art worked with the designer Cami Hutchinson contracted by Kevin Bell of the Robinson McFadden Law Firm in Columbia, more

Vista Bank

The Vista Bank opened a new office on Assembly Street in 2008 that required art on the walls. In another office in Aiken, SC, watercolor paintings had been acquired. However, in Columbia’s Vista area, we decided with the client to use sepia tone photography by Ed more

 Adesso Building

In the case of this building, City Art worked with the Designer Roddy Harris contracted by the builder Holder Properties of Atlanta GA. City Art provided many original photographic more

Palmetto Parkridge

Palmetto Parkridge a Richland Palmetto Health facility on Lake Murray Blvd. was done by City Art Gallery in 2003. A committee from the Health Organization worked with us to choose paintings and photography to be placed on the three completed floors of the building... read more

Martin Marietta

Martin Marietta opened a new office this past year in Columbia. Sc. Their Charlotte, NC offices identified City Art Gallery as a supplier of Corporate Art from the listings found on their website... read more

Riley Communications

Human Resource Dynamics and Riley Communications, a human resources consulting firm and a marketing firm, respectively, share office space. To add a creative, bright element that combined both businesses' sensibilities and their shared desire for more color in their surroundings, they turned to City Art and found several options of artwork sizes, price ranges and media... read more

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