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“Watermedia Mystery” Workshop Challenge with Lee Monts

October 24, 2020 10:00 am – 2:30 pm

Students and staff must wear masks and follow social distance practices.  Workshop will be held in our large main gallery space (2800 sq ft)

Min. 4 Max. 12

易购怎么开户Have you ever wanted to explore the many different products Golden Artist Colors has on the market? If so, this Watermedia Mystery Workshop Challenge will give you the opportunity to work with many watermedia products under the instruction of Lee Monts, a Certified Working Artist for Golden. Participants will select an envelope containing prepared product boards straight from the Golden factory located in New Berlin, NY. Included will be a combination of 3 different prepared boards featuring either Molding Paste, Light Molding Paste, Coarse Molding Paste, Crackle Paste, Fiber Paste, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Glass Bead Gel, Pastel Ground, Watercolor Ground, or Light Dimensional Ground. Each participant may receive different combinations of sample materials…these boards will be a mystery until the envelope is opened. Boards measure 6” x 8” and each have a description of the product on the back for future reference. Participants will be challenged to create a watermedia painting on the boards from the envelope that is selected. In order to complete the mystery challenge, the instructor will provide workshop supplies of Golden’s four viscosities of acrylic paints: Heavy Body, Fluid, OPEN and High Flow. Samples of QoR Watercolors – a modern watercolor manufactured by Golden Artist Colors, will also be available. The only items the participants will need to bring are various paint brushes, palette knives, mark making tools, and pencils for sketching along with inspiration photographs. All other materials will be provided during the workshop, along with tips from the instructor. Each participant will create 3 small works and learn of the different products and techniques they can later utilize during their own artistic endeavors. Several lesson plans by Golden Artist Colors will be made available during the workshop. In addition, one participant will win a special prize from Golden Artist Colors.

易购怎么开户Lee Monts became a Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors in May 2018. He holds a Member of Excellence certificate from the South Carolina Watermedia Society obtained in 2012. This is an excellent opportunity to utilize his knowledge of materials and to try Golden products without having to purchase supplies in advance. Golden products will be available in the supply shop for purchase after the workshop is complete.

The class fee is $100.00...Sign Me Up

Painting Flowers and Landscapes in Acrylics or Watercolor with Barbie Mathis

Tuesday nights 6 – 8:30 pm TBA

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature by learning to paint flowers and landscapes from photo references. Various techniques for acrylic and watercolor painting, along with good elements of design will be explained. As students explore the rich patterns and details of nature, Barbie will demonstrate color mixing and how to use paints and additives on canvas, paper, wood panels and other supports. Beginners will be guided step by step. More advanced students may experiment to find their own painting style. All are welcome. Feel free to bring dinner, snacks or drinks.

The class fee is $175.00...Sign Me Up

Beginning/Intermediate Oil Landscape Painting with  Steven Whetstone

Wednesday Nights 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Min 7 Max 12 

易购怎么开户This is a relaxing class that will tackle painting landscapes from photographs. Learn how to put light, values, and color in your landscape paintings. Beginners with gain basic knowledge of color mixing, perspective and composition. For the well versed artist, we will be learning techniques and concepts to help you advance as a painter.

The class fee is $160.00...Sign Me Up

Drawing and Watercolor Painting for Everyone with Mark Conrardy

Thurs. PM 6:00pm - 8:30pm

TBA 6 weeks

易购怎么开户Here's a fun beginning art class for anyone high school and up. Graphite and charcoal drawing focusing on shapes, shading, perspective and composition as well as some basic watercolor painting. I will be demonstrating and you will be painting portraits, vegetation and geometric shapes. We will be using perspective and grids to create the compositions. Also, I will show you how to create luminous colors and discuss other color wheel principles. Other items of discussion will be glazing techniques by layering paint. Bring works in progress (homework) during weeks off for critique.

The class fee is $175...Sign Me Up

Beginner/Intermediate Painting with Alicia Leeke

Wednesdays 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

TBA (6 weeks)

In this six-week class, beginners and intermediate students will gain an understanding of the elements of design, learn to properly use brushes, develop a color palette and problem solve for composition. Students will also learn methods to put their images onto paper, canvas and wood. Each class begins with a teacher demo followed by individual instruction to each student based on their own painting goals.

Beginner/Intermediate class level.

The class fee is $175.00...Sign Me Up

2 Day Concepts in Abstract Painting with Alicia Leeke

TBA 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

易购怎么开户In this fast paced class, you will learn how to select and develop subject matter for use in original compositions to advance your own abstract style of painting. You will learn the foundations necessary to achieve finished works of art through practice and demonstrations in the class.

Beginner class level.

The class fee is $175.00...Sign Me Up

1 Day Concepts in Monotype Creation with Alicia Leeke

TBA 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Min. 4 Max. 14

易购怎么开户Are you looking for a way to expand your art that builds on your existing work? Or are you a beginner looking to find a fun, easy way to create art? In this fast paced, hands-on class, you will learn the basics of printmaking where every print is an original monotype. You will learn how to create one-of-a-kind, original, hand-pulled monotypes during class and learn how to use ghost prints as the basis for new works of art. After a demo by the instructor, class members will create a monotype from landscape, still life or figure. No drawing skills are necessary for this class; just a willingness to have fun! Great for art educators that are looking to bring a fun lesson to their classroom.

Beginner class level.

The class fee is $125.00...Sign Me Up

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